Breaking Black Widow 2

Captured by a sadistic madman it seemed Natalia Romanova was doomed to become a sex slave, however she managed to turn the tables and now her would be master is the one who finds himself in the slave chains.

To his horror he learned that Natalia was a Femdom dominatrix and she has plans of her own for this wannabe slaver. “Plans that involve torment, slavery and him eating out her pussy with his mouth, while his anus is plugged with the worlds biggest dildo!”

Natalia has now returned to work infiltrating the yacht of a kinky Sheik who she has learned hired her slaveboy to try and capture her. However when she discovers two women held captive in cruel latex Natalia decides to free them. To late she discovers they are the willing servants of the Sheik and she once again finds herself in chains…

With his prize fallen into his hands the Sheik wastes no time and begins her training as a rubberised bitchgirl! Can Natasha escape or is she doomed to become a slave? Find out as the adventure continues…

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

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