Supergirl punished

The Return of the Superheroine Museum… With most of the more powerful Superheroine’s transformed into broken sex slaves at the hands of the vile Mistress Lenka, Black Canary may be the only hope left. The sexy vigilante infiltrates Lenka’s hideout in one last battle to save her fallen friends and destroy the devil woman.

But can she hope to prevail against Lenka or will Lenka take possesion of another latex coated slave?Meanwhile in another dimension She Hulk and the Invisible Woman have been reduced to pantihose coated slaves at the hands of Lenka’s equally evil half sister Berneika, but now Lenka has arranged a “family reunion” and things are about to get far worse for these fallen heroine’s, for Lenka has plan’s for Berneika and her harem… Rubber and pantihose bondage abound as the forces of evil continue their battle to subjugate good, Lenka’s harem suffers in the bowels of hell, and hope becomes a distant memory…

Once Mistress Barbara was the protégée of the evil mistress Lenka, an eager student learning the ropes of absolute cruelty and sadism. No more, a single mistake and the wrath of Lenka’s lover Monica led to her being secured, tortured and demoted to oral slave for Lenka’s entire staff and stable of slaves, for over a week. Now released she is but a lowly castle guard, but Barbara will have her revenge, and in the meantime she will take out her rage on the lowest of all Lenka’s slaves…Supergirl!

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