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Theme integration and additions, lots of nice new things!

2000px Update software AG Logo.svg  1024x256 Theme integration and additions, lots of nice new things!

There’s been a few updates around here, one of many to come, here’s a short list of the ones that hit in the last week:


  • themes have been unified, there’s no difference between www and blog now
    • menu is the same
    • sidebar is the same
    • working on getting the adverts to be the same!
  • feedburner urls have been updated with proper and correct exclusions and additions of the NSFW content.  if you want to see JUST the safe for work stuff, the main RSS feed will work for you now.  No more NSFW in the main feed!
  • Archive page has been added in case you want to search the older archive from the old site

Any suggestions?  make a comment!

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New images
  • gi joe - hawk.jpg
    gi joe – hawk
  • Fashion_Plate_01_by_Ludi_Price.jpeg
  • PsylockeLeandroMatos
    Psylocke by Leandro Matos
  • ChunLiOmarDogan
    Chun Li by Omar Dogan
  • MadelynePryorBenes
    Madelyne Pryor by Benes
  • ElenaChunLiCammyBeach
    Street Fighter Ladies at the Beach
  • PhoenixJoelPereira
    Phoenix by Joel Pereira
  • CammySakuraOmarDogan
    Cammy vs Sakura by Omar Dogan
  • PhoenixMarkBrooks
    Phoenix by Mark Brooks
  • CammyJoChen
    Cammy by Jo Chen
  • ChunLiKen
    Chun Li vs Ken
  • MadelynePryorIagoMaia
    Madelyne Pryor by Iago Maia
  • CyclopsPhoenixDiegoBernard
    Cyclops & Phoenix by Diego Bernard
  • ChunLiBikini
    Chun Li
  • MarvelGirlFrankCho
    Marvel Girl by Frank Cho
  • ElenaStreetFighter
  • RainbowMikaOmarDogan
    Rainbow Mika by Omar Dogan
  • SakuraOmarDogan02
    Sakura by Omar Dogan
  • JuriBeach
    Juri at the beach
  • gas piggies.JPG
    gas piggies
  • girls_night_out.jpeg
  • Dazzler_Deadpool_Alvin_Lee.jpeg
  • gi joe - CID Commander.jpg
    gi joe – CID Commander
  • gar2.jpg
  • Chris_Rich_McKelvey_Zatanna2.jpeg
  • SavageLandRogueFrankCho
    Rogue by Frank Cho
  • PsylockeCosplay03
    Psylocke Cosplay
  • domino002.jpeg
  • XmenVsVampires
    X-men vs Vampires
  • PsylockeRodelMartin
    Psylocke by Rodel Martin
  • Dagger_by_Jonboy007007_by_sacking_jimmy.jpeg
  • gi joe - snake eyes verse ninjas.jpg
    gi joe – snake eyes verse ninjas
  • cu148.jpeg
  • SupergirlBruceTimmBW
    Supergirl by Bruce Timm
  • Batgirl
  • SupergirlBruceTimm03
    Supergirl by Bruce Timm
  • XmenBaseball
    X-men Baseball
  • JeanGrey
    Jean Grey
  • XavierProtocols
    Xavier Protocols
  • AtomEve005
    Atom Eve
  • crisis on infinite earths cover.jpg
    crisis on infinite earths cover
  • cu066.jpeg
  • gi joe - dr mindbender.jpg
    gi joe – dr mindbender
  • Dazzler_Michael_Ryan04.jpeg
  • donna_troy_by_windriderx23.jpeg
  • cu060.jpeg
  • ZatannaMCWymann
    Zatanna by M.C. Wyman
  • StargirlMichaelArmstrong
    Stargirl by Michael Armstrong

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