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Favorite Posts Are Now Working

I was able to get the Favorites system to work the way I was expecting it to, so you too can now add images to your favorites collection! Just click on the “Add To Favorites” link on any post, then find them by clicking on “Favorites” in the header!

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New images
  • jessicajones4
    Jessica Jones #4
  • xwomen013
    X-men at the Beach
  • silkcosplay
    Silk Cosplay
  • psylockedavidlima
  • emmafrostdavehoover
    Emma Frost
  • batman14
    Batman #14
  • looseends1
    Loose Ends #1
  • captainmarvelcosplay
    Captain Marvel Cosplay
  • futurequest9
    Future Quest #9
  • magik154
  • magiklinsner
  • redsonjafrelncer
    Red Sonja
  • romulus4
    Romulus #4
  • starwarsdoctoraphra3
    Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #3
  • magikstormextraxmen15-02
    Magik & Storm
  • batgirl074
  • crystalcosplay
    Crystal Cosplay
  • spellonwheels4
    Spell on Wheels #4
  • mayday3
    Mayday #3
  • invincibleironman1var
    Invincible Iron Man #1 variant
  • Heavy armor Batman.jpg
    Heavy armor Batman
  • Batman on roof.jpg
    Batman on roof
  • Batman couches in the wind.jpg
    Batman couches in the wind
  • Batlogo Shirt.jpg
    Batlogo Shirt
  • Angry Batman.jpg
    Angry Batman
  • Armored Batman.jpg
    Armored Batman
  • AZbats jumping.jpg
    AZbats jumping
  • 80s batman bikini.jpg
    80s batman bikini
  • Batman punches joker while yelling JASON.jpg
    Batman punches joker while yelling JASON
  • Double Batbikini.jpg
    Double Batbikini
  • Nicole-Kidman-and-Val-Kilmer-Batman-Forever-nicole-kidman-32920952-1731-2115.jpg
    batman and chase
  • Lego Batman and the Lego JLA.jpg
    Lego Batman and the Lego JLA
  • Batman Card game.jpg
    Batman Card game
  • Lego Batman with wings.jpg
    Lego Batman with wings
  • wholely batman swimsuit.jpg
    wholely batman swimsuit
  • batman holds the city.jpg
    batman holds the city
  • Batwing Technical Data.jpg
    Batwing Technical Data
  • Cyber Batman.jpg
    Cyber Batman
  • The Penquin will get lung cancer and die a painful and long death.jpg
    The Penquin will get lung cancer and die a painful and long death
  • Batman with female armor.jpg
    Batman with female armor
  • Two Face is going to shoot your face.jpg
    Two Face is going to shoot your face
  • Christopher Nolen Batman film Wallpaper.jpg
    Christopher Nolen Batman film Wallpaper
  • Azbats is shrugging his shoulders.jpg
    Azbats is shrugging his shoulders
  • Classic Batman Logo.jpg
    Classic Batman Logo
  • batwoman vs batman.jpg
    batwoman vs batman
  • The Joker with his Purple Cards.jpg
    The Joker with his Purple Cards
  • Batman Knight.jpg
    Batman Knight
  • Batman - Knightfall.jpg
    Batman – Knightfall
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