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Favorite Posts Are Now Working

I was able to get the Favorites system to work the way I was expecting it to, so you too can now add images to your favorites collection! Just click on the “Add To Favorites” link on any post, then find them by clicking on “Favorites” in the header!

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New images
  • champions3artadamsvar
    Champions #3 Var
  • Batwoman.jpg
  • Apprentice talking to yoda.png
    Apprentice talking to yoda
  • Crystal Graziano as Moonstone.jpg
    Crystal Graziano as Moonstone
  • Dr Doom vs Magneto.jpg
    Dr Doom vs Magneto
  • deadpool ends things with grenades.jpg
    deadpool ends things with grenades
  • Doctor Strange is mystic.jpg
    Doctor Strange is mystic
  • Iron Fist getting angry.jpg
    Iron Fist getting angry
  • jeangrey-teaseryardin
    Jean Grey Teaser
  • back tothe future comic cover wallpaper.jpg
    back tothe future comic cover wallpaper
  • Daredevil Season 2.jpg
    Daredevil Season 2
  • modern deadpool.jpg
    modern deadpool
  • avatar profile image.jpg
    avatar profile image
  • broken shield.jpg
    broken shield
  • jeangrey-teaseryardin
    Jean Grey Teaser
  • Sonic BOOM.png
    Sonic BOOM
  • Marvel.jpg
  • Superman is coming in Supergirl.jpg
    Superman is coming in Supergirl
  • BB-8 for your iphone.jpg
    BB-8 for your iphone
  • Hellgirl Cosplay.jpg
    Hellgirl Cosplay
  • Guardians of the Galaxy.jpg
    Guardians of the Galaxy
  • back to the future flipping.jpg
    back to the future flipping
  • Batman in his cave.png
    Batman in his cave
  • Panda Rider.jpg
    Panda Rider
  • future sluths.jpg
    future sluths
  • green lantern in a hood.jpg
    green lantern in a hood
  • avengers octopus.jpeg
    avengers octopus
  • Punisher-Cicha_Cosplay-005.jpg
    Punisher by Cicha Cosplay
  • 668681.jpg
  • 668661.jpg
  • Plastic Man.jpg
    Plastic Man
  • Deadpool in red.jpg
    Deadpool in red
  • allstarbatman7
    All Star Batman #7
  • allstarbatman7
    All Star Batman #7
  • msmarvel15
    Ms. Marvel #15
  • batgirlbop7
    Batgirl & Birds of Prey #7
  • gwenpool12
    Gwenpool #12
  • raven6
    Raven #6
  • gotg17adams
    Guardians of the Galaxy #17
  • extraordinaryxmen19
    Extraordinary X-men #19
  • on the run.png
    on the run
  • supergirl has red eyes.jpg
    supergirl has red eyes
  • Lady Deadpool by Betty Nukem.jpg
    Lady Deadpool by Betty Nukem
  • Asian Joker.jpg
    Asian Joker
  • xmengold-teaser
    X-men Gold Teaser
  • xmenblue-teaser
    X-men Blue Teaser
  • batgirl8
    Batgirl #8
  • thunderbolts10bagleyvar
    Thunderbolts #10 Bagley Variant
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