Breaking Catwoman 2nd EDITIONImpossibly Obscene Rons Gift

It’s a hard life saving the world week after week and year after year. Now all grown up Kim Possible knows this better than anyone and to compensate for the stress and hard work she has developed a passion for kinky sex, bondage and latex.

A rare weekend off sees her planning to indulge in a little self-bondage but then an enemy traps her in a sadistic trap. Trapped in a vile latex torture device Kim finds herself sexually abused and forced to navigate a series of demented sexual tests. Tortured and teased can she resist her own sexual desires and escape or will she find herself transformed from the world’s greatest hero into the world’s most abject and broken sex slave? Find out in our latest story…

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

Autor is Rcanheta

All characters are ADULT, they always been and they always will!

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Tiki God

hello, any further posts from you without images will be deleted without warning.

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