Tying Dressing Girl In Slutty Outfit

After being kidnapped, abused, humiliated and shipped off to Jackie’s secret base to live out their lives as her sex slaves, Sherlock and Watson finally manage to escape, the lovers reunited at last! But their relief is short lived, as lost and far from home, they soon stumble into the hands of slave traders who decide to add them to their cargo as precious white slaves, and for the men to have their wicked way with them on the long journey across the ocean. What fate awaits our two detectives? Find out in our latest comic!

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/index.php/79-bondage-comics/249-sherlock-holmes-4-crossover-boundy-hunter

Author is Kachima and I have his permission to use, please support him! www.patreon.com/chanit

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