Starfires Captivating Conundrum

Following the events of the last comic, Starfire sets off in search of her erotically bound friend. When she finds Raven, she might not like the half-demon’s reaction…or what is lurking nearby. Turnabout is fair play, after all. Features soft vore, tentacles, slime and monster encasement, bondage, gagging, groping, insertion into “places”, and lots more! As before, this is not “vore” in the run-of-the-mill sense so there is absolutely no digestion, gore/guro, or death–not even implied.

16 pages full color at over 3000×4000 resolution with a prologue, epilogue, and a field guide with background on the planet and the monsters holding our girls in tight kinky distress! All characters are adults. This is SO NSFW 18+. Please do not redistribute or post elsewhere. Proceeds go towards the next project.

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

Art by Stvkar
Story by Bigbangboom100
This comics is NOT from DBComix

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