Star Trek TNGDS9 Divided We Fall

The miniseries features the TNG cast after the events of STAR TREK: INSURRECTION and the DS9 crew from the Pocket Books relaunch novel series, from after the final episode What You Leave Behind

Yesterday for dinner my wife and I watched an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine where some random crazy Trill decided that he alone deserved to host the Dax symbiote. He took control of the station and forced the transfer, only to be ultimately defeated by the DS9 crew, then sent off on his way without the symbiote.

Today, incidentally, I got to a Star Trek Mini series that I bought at a comic book convention six months ago and sure enough, there was that same random Trill again, this time out for blood and wanting to kill all of the symbiots, since if he can’t have them, no one should, and after all, aren’t they just parasites that took control of their civilization years ago?

It’s a fun story, but made more fun by the random happenstance.

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