Supergirls Transport

Back in The Superheroine Asylum Harley is enjoying her living bondage toys, deciding to interview her trio of supergirls, so she can better punish them. When Lena Luthor decides to get rebellious and tell Harley to fuck off as best she can with a gag in her mouth. Harley explodes, and the busty, bound blonde earns herself a harsher punishment. Afterward, Harley sits in her lap and brings out Maggie, parading her sexy body in front of her captives. Meanwhile, the dual EDIs are setting up amazing contraptions to punish and imprison their Heros. Batgirl ends up locked in a secure steel cot, bound so tightly that locking her up is little more than a show, she can’t break out anyway. Firefly, also under the EDI’s control finds herself in another kind of trouble. One that will leave stinging welts on her ass and a massive cock-shaped force feeder locked into her ring gag! Luckily for the asylum’s patients, Batwoman breaks in and immediately takes out one of the EDIs, looking to rescue her sub, Maggie. Unfortunately, Harley has taken a liking to Maggie, deciding she’d make a better doggie than a woman. In the middle of Harley’s transformation of her new cooch sniffing sub, Batwoman interrupts! But Harley isn’t inclined to give her up! Contain: 107 pictures + cover.

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