Last Drops Of Freedom

April Stockton, a professional MMA fighter and fashion model is “friends” with the sadistic head nurse of Sunny View Asylum, Michelle. The two lovely ladies met in high school, where a very hard-headed April protected her friend Michelle who secretly loved her. After Michelle´s coming out/confession and April refusing her, Michelle started spinning a diabolical plan on how to take control over April’s mind and her body. The tricks she’s learned at the asylum in binding mischievous patients and forcing pleasure on them. Michelle had to control everything in her own life especially her revenge and finally “convincing” April to love her, no matter what it will cost – APRIL. With a dress to wrap up her lovely love in and a bevy of tight bindings to show of her sexy body Mitchelle is ready to take on her love. On the other hand, April isn’t stupid and she can hit like a truck! But will April’s strength be enough against Michelle’s revenge? Find out in our brand new series!


Authors: Dracowhip (art), Flowerxl (alternative cover), Red´s ABDL CREATIONS (corrections), Linda (texts, lettering), Boob2003 (author)

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