Wonder Star Diapered

Once she was Lunagirl the paragon of justice and one of the world’s greatest heroes but that was before Princess Lin’da of the Moon Kingdom attracted the attention of the vile witch Zorelle. Captured by the demonic creature Lin’da was reduced to an adult baby and helpless to watch as Zorelle conquered her noble kingdom… There may be one last hope however because the heroine Wonderstar has heard what has occurred and is flying to Lin’da’s rescue. If she can save Lin’da perhaps they can liberate the kingdom and bring Zorelle to justice… Sadly this isn’t that kind of story…Wonderstar walks straight into a trap and is quickly stripped of her powers and trapped in an ABDL costume of her own…And that’s just the start of the hell she’ll be subjected to…

Illustrated bondage book contain 30 pages, 13 full panel/single picture pages, 1 cover in 2709 x 4096 pix (true 4k resolution) with deleted texts. Featuring: rubber, latex, abdl, diaper, bondage, bdsm, lunagirl…

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/the-bondage-perils-of-lunagirl-2-second-edition

Authors: Coco (art), FastFist (texts), Linda (lettering)

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