Terra Trapped

The Teen Titans are safely back in their bondage. Of course with a giant Bumblebee it is a real challenge for the poor nuns to deal with such a BIG problem, but bondage can solve everything. Terra is being punished as well for her stupid escape attempt. She will be the perfect slave for all the nuns. As the second most powerful titan, Wonder Girl needs to be kept under control, and the so nuns work hard to strip her permanently of her powers. And last but not least, Harley wins the bondage strip poker with her friends Catwoman and Poison Ivy and enjoys her prize, but you should never celebrate too early…

Download (ADULTS only) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/titans-the-judas-contract-6

Authors: DanielRemoArt (3D renders), Lombomb (corrections), Linda (author) and I have their permission to use.

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT, ADULT and ADULT

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