Welcome To Republic City 4

After months of permanent bondage, punishment and Lezdom fun, Avatar Korra is finally released from prison. On parole. Even jaywalking can mean a minimum of 10 years in a high-security prison, so Korra has to be extra careful, which is almost impossible for our hard-headed girl. Fortunately, she will soon be leaving Republic City on an unscheduled “vacation”. As word of Korra spreads, local bounty hunters are getting requests to kidnap the avatar Korra and transport her in heavy shackles to a private island… Read more in our comics.

DOWNLOAD (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/the-legend-of-korrasami-welcome-to-republic-city-4

Authors: Amunsteel (art), DD (proof reading/editing), Linda (writter, lettering)

XXX Parody, All characters are adult, Korra is ADULT in this story.

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