Top 10- Beyond The Farthest Precinct [ABC] Mini 1

Top 10 [ABC] V1

Top 10- The Forty Niners [ABC] OS1

Top Ten [ABC] V2

Tomorrow Stories [ABC] V1

Terra Obscura [ABC] Mini 1

Terra Obscura [ABC] V1

Tom Strongs Terrific Tales [ABC] V1

Tom Strong [ABC] V1

Smax The Adventurer [ABC] V1

Prometha [ABC] V1

Promethea Collected [ABC] V1

Many Worlds of Telsa Strong, The [ABC] V1

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [ABC] Mini 2

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [ABC] Mini 1

Jack B Quick [ABC] V1

Americas Best Comics [ABC] V1

Abc- A-Z- Greyshirt And Cobweb [ABC] V1

Abc- A-Z- Terra Obscura And Splash Brannigan [ABC] OS1

Abc- A-Z- Top Ten And Teams [ABC] OS1

Abc- A-Z- Tom Strong And Jack B. Quick [ABC] V1

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