Venture [AC] V1

Star Masters [AC] V1

Space Ark [AC] V1

Sky Gal [AC] V1

Soldiers Of Freedom [AC] V1

Sentinels Of Justice [AC] V1

Priority- White Heat [AC] V1

Power Plays [AC] V1

Power Of Strong Man, The [AC] V1

Men Of Mystery- Monster Collection [AC] OS1

Nightveil [AC] V1

Mighty Thunda- King of the Congo [AC] V1

Ms Victory [AC] V1

Men Of Mystery- Heroes For The Ages [AC] OS1

Men Of Mystery- Supersized Album [AC] OS1

Men Of Mystery [AC] V1

Legend Of Horror House [AC] V1

Lady Crime [AC] V1

Jungle Girls [AC] V1

Good Girl Comics [AC] V1

Good Girl Art Quarterly [AC] V1

Gorganas Ghoul Gallery [AC] V1

Golden-Age Greats [AC] V1

Golden-Age Greats- Fine Art Special [AC] OS1

Golden-Age Greats- Costumed Crusaders Special [AC] OS1

Futher Adventures of Nyoka – Queen of the Jungle [AC] V1

Femforce- The First 112 Issues Are The Easiest [AC] OS1

Femforce- Up-Close [AC] V1

Femforce- To Die For [AC] OS1

Fem Fantastique [AC] OS1

Faze 1 Fazers [AC] V1

Fantasy Features [AC] V1

Femforce [AC] V1

Femforce- Special [AC] OS1

Femforce- The Closer You Get The Better We Look [AC] OS1

Femforce- In Living Color [AC] OS1

Femforce- Out of the Asylum [AC] OS1

Dragonfly [AC] V1

Dale Evans Western [AC] V1

Colt [AC] OS1

Cave Girl [AC] V1

Best Of The West [AC] V1

Black Diamond [AC] V1

Americas Greatest Comics [AC] V1

AC Comics Annual [AC] V1

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