Zero Patrol [Continuity] V1

Urth 4 [Continuity] V1

Toyboy [Continuity] V1

Shaman [Continuity] V1

Revengers [Continuity] V1

Neal Adams- Continuity Profile [Continuity] OS1

Ms Mystic [Continuity] V1

Megalith [Continuity] V1

Megalith [Continuity] V2

Hybrids [Continuity] V2

Hybrids [Continuity] V1

Earth 4 [Continuity] V1

Earth X [Continuity] V2

Echo of Futurepast [Continuity] V1

Continuity Studios Portfolio [Continuity] OS1

Cyberrad [Continuity] V3

Cyberrad [Continuity] V1

Crazyman [Continuity] V2

Crazyman [Continuity] V1

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future [Continuity] V1

Bucky O Hare [Continuity] V1

Armor [Continuity] V1

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