James Bond

The Lone Ranger: Green Hornet

The Death Defying Devil: FCBD 2008

Seduction of the Innocent

Dejah of Mars


Vampirella: Archives

Red Team

Grumpy Cat (And Pokey!)

Miss Fury [Dynamite] 2016

The Great Divide

Boo : The World’s Cutest Dog

Devilers, The

Shaft- Imitation of Life

Red Sonja

Dresden Files: Wild Card


Kings Quest

Bob’s Burgers [Dynamite] 2014

Bob’s Burgers 2015

Six Million Dollar Man, The- Fall of Man

Battlestar Galactica

Xena: Warrior Princess [Dynamite] 2016


Miss Fury [Dynamite] 2015

Shadow, The

Lords Of The Jungle

Long Ranger, The- Green Hornet

Bob’s Burgers- FCBD 2016

Grumpy Cat and Pokey- FCBD 2016

Zorro [Dynamite] V1

Xena: Warrior Princess: Army of Darkness: What…Again?

Xena: Warrior Princess [Dynomite] Mini 1

Xena: Warrior Princess [Dynomite] OS1

Xena: Warrior Princess: Dark Xena

Terminator- Revolution [Dynamite] Mini 1

Terminator 2- Infinity [Dynamite] Mini 1

Tales Of Army of Darkness [Dynamite] OS1

Sword Of Red Sonja- Doom Of The Gods [Dynamite] Mini 1

Tales Of Terror [Dynamite] OS1

Super Zombies [Dynamite] OS1

Spider-Man- Red Sonja Mini 1

Savage Red Sonja- Queen Of The Frozen Wastes [Dynamite] Mini 1

Savage Tales [Dynamite] V1

Red Sonja- Vacant Shell [Dynomite] Mini 1

Red Sonja- Vs Thulsa Doom [Dynamite] Mini 1

Red Sonja- Claw- Devils Hands Mini 1

Red Sonja- She Devil Wtih A Sword- Giant Size [Dynomite] OS1

Red Sonja- Monster Island [Dynamite] OS1

Red Sonja – Doom Of The Gods [Dynomite] OS1

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