Eclipse Comics

Zot [Eclipse] V1

World Of Wood [Eclipse] Mini 1

Winter World [Eclipse] Mini 1

Who Dunnit [Eclipse] Mini 1

Villians and Vigilantes [Eclipse] Mini 1

Valkyrie [Eclipse] Mini 1

Twisted Tales Of Bruce Jones, The [Eclipse] Mini 1

Unknown World Of Fran Brunner [Eclipse] V1

Swords Of Texas [Eclipse] V1

Tales Of Terror [Eclipse] V1

Target- Airboy [Eclipse] V1

Strike Vs Sgt Strike [Eclipse] OS1

Strike [Eclipse] V1

Star Reach Classics [Eclipse] V1

Spiral Path [Eclipse] V1

Scout- Handbook [Eclipse] V1

Scout- War Shaman [Eclipse] V1

Scout [Eclipse] V1

Seduction Of The Innocent- 3D [Eclipse] V1

Scorpio Rose [Eclipse] V1

Seduction Of The Innocent [Eclipse] V1

Salome [Eclipse] V1

Sabre [Eclipse] V1

Rocketeer [Eclipse] V1

Revenge Of The Prowler [Eclipse] Mini 1

Reeses Pieces [Eclipse] Mini 1

Prowler [Eclipse] V1

Prowler- White Zombie [Eclipse] OS1

Pelleas And Melisande [Eclipse] Mini 1

Nightmares [Eclipse] V1

New America [Eclipse] V1

Miracle Man [Eclipse] V1

Night Mares V1

Ms Tree [Eclipse] V1

Masked Man, The [Eclipse] V1

Luger [Eclipse] V1

Laser Eraser And Pressbutton [Eclipse] V1

John Law- Detective [Eclipse] V1

Killer- Tales By Timothy Truman [Eclipse] OS1

Killer Tales [Eclipse] V1

Halls Of Horrow [Eclipse] V1

Hamsters [Eclipse] V1

Fear Book [Eclipse] OS1

Enchanter [Eclipse] Mini 1

Eclipse- Monthly [Eclipse] V1

Dragonflight [Eclipse] OS1

Eclipse- The Magazine [Eclipse] V1

Dnagents [Eclipse] V1

Dominion [Eclipse] OS1

Dirty Pair- Biohazzards Mini 1

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