White Devil [Eternity] V1

Trouble With Girls [Eternity] V1

Trouble With Girls- Christmas Special [Eternity] OS1

Robotech- Sentinels Book 2 [Eternity] V1

Robotech 2- The Sentinels- Malcontent Uprising [Eternity] V1

Scimidar [Eternity] V1

Rovers [Eternity] V1

Robotech- Sentinels Book 3 [Eternity] V1

Outlander [Eternity] V1

Original Tom Corbett- Space Cadet [Eternity] V1

Liberator [Eternity] V1

Lester Girls [Eternity] V1

Evil Ernie [Eternity] V1

Dinosaurs For Hire [Eternity] V1

Dinosaurs For Hire- Fall Classic [Eternity] OS1

Captain Harlock- The Fall of the Empire [Eternity] OS1

Apache Dick [Eternity] V1

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