First Comics

Whisper- Special [First] OS1

Whisper [First] V1

Warp [First] V1

Warp- Special [First] V1

Shatter [First] V1

Sable [First] V1

Pi s [First] Mini 1

Nexus [First] V1

Nexus- 50th Anniversary [First] Mini 1

Next Nexus, The [First] Mini 1

Nexus- Legends [First] V1

Jon Sable- Freelance [First] V1

Hawkmoon- The Runestaff [First] Mini 1

Hawkmoon- Jewel In The Skull [First] Mini 1

Hawkmoon- The Mad Gods Amulet [First] Mini 1

Hawkmoon- The Sword Of The Dawn [First] Mini 1

Grim Jack [First] V1

Elric- Weird Of The White Wolf [First] Mini 1

Elric- Bane of the Black Sword [First] Mini 1

Elric- The Sailor On The Seas Of Fate [First] Mini 1

Elric- The Vainishing Tower [First] Mini 1

Espers [First] V1

Dreadstar [First] V1

Corum [First] V1

Chronicles Of Corum – The Queen of the Swords [First] V1

Chaos- Prince Of Madness [First] V1

Beowulf [First] V1

Badger- Goes Bezerk [First] Mini 1

Badger [First] V1

American Flagg [First] V2

American Flagg- Special [First] OS1

American Flagg [First] V1

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