Zombie Proof [Moonstone] V1

Wyatt Earp Vs The Cisco Kid [Moonstone] OS1

Wyatt Earp- Dodge City [Moonstone] Mini 1

Werewolf- The Apocalypse- Fang and Claw [Moonstone] V1

Werewolf- The Apocalypse- Get of Fenris [Moonstone] Mini 1

Werewolves- Call Of The Night [Moonstone] V1

Vampire- The Masquerade- Isabel [Moonstone] OS1

Vampire- The Masquerade- Lucita [Moonstone] OS1

Soulcatcher [Moonstone] V1

Silencers, The [Moonstone] V1

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries [Moonstone] V1

Sherlock Homes And The Clown Prince Of London [Moonstone] Mini 1

Sherlock Holmes And Kolchak- The Night Stalker [Moonstone] OS1

Revisionary [Moonstone] V1

Phantom, The- The Treasures Of Bagalla [Moonstone] Mini 1

Phantom, The- Ghost Who Walks [Moonstone] V1

Phantom, The- Legacy [Moonstone] OS1

Phantom, The- Law of the Jungle [Moonstone] OS1

Phantom, The- The Hunt [Moonstone] Mini 1

Phantom- Ghost Who Walks [Moonstone] OS1

Pat Novak For Hire [Moonstone] OS1

Phantom, The- The Signh Web [Moonstone] Mini 1

Phantom, The- The Ghost Killer [Moonstone] Mini 1

Phantom, The [Moonstone] V1

Moonstone Monsters- Sea Creatures [Moonstone] OS1

Night Driver, The- Teaser Edition [Moonstone] OS1

Mister Moto [Moonstone] V1

Mysterious Traveler- Nobody Rides For Free [Moonstone] OS1

Mysterious Traveler Returns [Moonstone] OS1

Mr Keen- Tracer of Lost Persons [Moonstone] V1

Moonstone Monsters- Ghosts [Moonstone] V1

Moonstones Holiday Super Spectacular [Moonstone] Os1

Moonstone Monsters- Zombies [Moonstone] V1

Lone Wolf, The [Moonstone] V1

Kolchak- Tales- Black And White And Red All Over [Moonstone] OS1

Kolchak- Tales Of The Night Stalker [Moonstone] Mini 1

Kolchak- The Night Stalker- Eve Of Terror [Moonstone] OS1

Kolchak- The Night Stalker- Terror Within [Moonstone] OS1

Kolchak- The Night Stalker- Lambs To The Slaughter [Moonstone] V1

Kolchak- Tales- The Frankenstine Agenda [Moonstone] Mini 1

Kolchak- The Night Stalker [Moonstone] OS1

Lai Wan- Tales Of The Dreamwalker [Moonstone] V1

Kolchak- The Night Stalker- Devil In The Details [Moonstone] OS1

Kolchak Tales Annual [Moonstone] OS1

Kolchak- The Night Stalker- Chronicles [Moonstone] OS1

Kolchak- The Night Stalker- Pain Most Human [Moonstone] OS1

Infiniteens V1

Jack Hagee- Private Eye [Moonstone] OS1

I Love A Mystery [Moonstone] OS1

Grave Grrrls- Destroyers Of The Dead [Moonstone] V1

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