Unknown Publisher

Shaolin Cowboy [UNKNOWN] V1

Mortal Coils Presents Free Bodies

Peanut Butter & Jeremy FCBD 2003

Transformers: Holiday Special

Heroes: Godsend

Neil Gaiman’s Teknophage

Tarzan: The Beckoning


Atomic Robo: Hell and Lightning




Shadow, The- The Last Illusion

Sonic Boom

Regular Show- A Clash of Consoles


Regards From Serbia

Goon, The- Library

Oddly Normal- FCBD 2016

Love and Rockets- FCBD 2016

March- FCBD 2016

Hilda- FCBD 2016

Lady Mechanika- FCBD 2016

Rom- FCBD 2016

Science Comics- FCBD 2016

Zippy- From Here To Absurdity [UNKNOWN] V1

Zombie Monkey Monster Jamboree [UNKNOWN] OS1

Zig Zag [UNKNOWN] V1

Zero Girl – Full Circle [UNKNOWN] V1

Young Marvelman [UNKNOWN] V1

Young Magician [UNKNOWN] V1

Youngblood- Maximum Editon [UNKNOWN] OS1

Zero Six [UNKNOWN] V1

Young Lust [UNKNOWN] v1


Zap- How To Draw Fantastic Sci-Fi Comics [UNKNOWN] OS1

Your Lover [UNKNOWN] OS1

Youthful Hearts [UNKNOWN] V1

Zap Comics [UNKNOWN] V1

Zombee [UNKNOWN] OS1

Zippy- Type Z Personality [UNKNOWN] OS1

Young Marvel Man [UNKNOWN] V1

Yarmak [UNKNOWN] V1

Zombie [UNKNOWN] OS1

Young James Bond [UNKNOWN] V1

X-Ray Comics [UNKNOWN] V1

Yossel April 19, 1943 [UNKNOWN] OS1

Young Allies [UNKNOWN] V1

Xotica- The Art of Estaban Maroto [UNKNOWN] V1

Xyz Comics [UNKNOWN] V1

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