Yosemite Sam [Whitman] V1

Yosemite Sam and Bugs Bunny [Whitman] V1

Woody Woodpecker [Whitman] V1

Uncle Scrooge: The Golden Fleecing

Uncle Scrooge: Lemonade King

Uncle Scrooge [Whitman] V1

Turok- Son Of Stone [Whitman] V1

Twilight Zone [Whitman] V1

Porky Pig [Whitman] V1

Mickey Mouse [Whitman] V1

Mickey Mouse And His Sky Adventure [Whitman] OS1

Gyro Gearloose And The Disney Ducks

Donald duck- The Golden Helmet [Whitman] OS1

Donald Duck- No Such Varmint [Whitman] OS1

Donald Duck [Whitman] V1

Daffy Duck [Whitman] V1

Daisy And Donald V1

Cinderella [Whitman] OS1

Beetle Bailey [Whitman] V1

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