Wizard Mini Comic [Wizard] V1

Wizard Poster Mania [Wizard] V1

Wizard World- East [Wizard] V1

Wizard Magazine 2006 Mega Movie Collectors Edition [Wizard] OS1

Wizard- The Comics Magazine [Wizard] V1

Wizard 2008 Movie Spectacular [Wizard] OS1

Wizard Twisted Toyfare Theatre [Wizard] V1

Wizard World- Chicago [Wizard] V1

Wizard Anime Insider [Wizard] V1

Witchblade Vs Darkness OS1

Witchblade- Tomb Raider OS1

Undertaker OS1

Twisted Toyfare Theatre [Wizard] V1

Twisted Toyfare 10th Anniversary Collection [Wizard] OS1

Top 100 Trade Paperbacks Of All Time

Nine Rings of Wu-Tang [Wizard] OS1

Michael Turner- Millennium Edition [Wizard] V1

Marvel Knights- Wave 2 [Wizard] OS1

Making of Hourman [Wizard] OS1

Kiss- Sourcebook [Wizard] OS1

How To Draw

Heroes Reborn [Wizard – Marvel] OS1

CrossGen- First Looks V1

CrossGen- Primer OS1

Cliffhanger OS1

Best Of Basic Training- How To Draw [Wizard] V1

Astonishing Space Thrills [Wizard] OS1

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