New Arkham For Superheroines

After the events of the previous volume our heroine Firefly ended up in the Institute for Insane Criminals. Unfortunately everyone now thinks she’s actually Harley Quinn with her claims to be a heroine seen as delusional. In the institution, she is kept in very very heavy bondage, but her “condition” does not improve. As such Dr. Benson calls for aid in the form of a mysterious Doctor Quinzel that introduces entirely new methods of treatment.

However the good Doctor is actually Harley in disguise and soon Firefly is suffering the most humiliating and degrading bondage imaginable. However the crazy Harley Quinn is not satisfied with owning one superheroine, and intends to fill the institute with many more. The very next night, Power Girl, who is soon exposed to heavy bondage and Harley’s new invention – the Submission Serum, becomes the next to fall. Will our heroes escape or is it their destiny to become Harley’s personal sex slaves?

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

Author is our great daniel-remo-art

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