Soviet Girl Tortured

After the events in the previous part, Soviet superheroine Soviet Girl is looking for the contact in Prochorovka street.

Meanwhile her girlfriend secret agent Valerya, sneaking into secret KGB headquarters, but North Korea superheroine Gil Moon is waiting there already. She will capture and use agent Valerya as bait for Soviet Girl. Poor agent Valerya is questioned, humiliated and punished. All for good of state.

Soviet Girl will have to save her lesbian girlfriend, but what cost? Find out in our comics.

Our adult bondage comics, contain 45 pages (full panel) + cover + alternative cover in 2667 x 4096 pix (4k resolution). Featuring: soviet girl, superheroine,heavy bondage, slavery, bdsm, latex, rubber, fetish, humiliation, training, lezdom, femdom, orgasms….

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

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