The Punisher Heads to Television

After three feature film versions, Frank Castle is heading to the small screen. Deadline reports that Fox has plans to develop Marvel Comics’ “The Punisher” as a television series from former “Criminal Minds” showrunner Edward Allen Bernero.

Set up through ABC Studios, “The Punisher” will take on the format of an hourlong police procedural. In this version, Castle will work by day as an NYPD detective and by night as the Punisher, righting the wrongs that he legally can’t.

This is a horrible idea.  Did they learn nothing from the success of the comic movies/television series that stayed true to the original story?  This is taking the Punisher name and applying it to someone / something else entirely.  Frank’s got to be a vet back from the war, trying to regain his relationship with his family, only to have them brutally murdered while playing frisby in the park.  He then has to kill people.  LOTS of people.  I somehow doubt that ABC is willing to show the kind of bodycount that The Punisher truly demands.

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