I hate spam


I hate spam so much, unfortunately the image gallery system that comic-images is running on doesn’t have a built in spam prevention system, and it’s captcha system is not very friendly. www.comic-images.com is running on wordpress, so I’m going to work on converting everything over to wordpress, including the uploads system, so here’s the plan of action:

  1. match the two themes up (I’m fond of the main theme, so that’s the one that will win I think)
  2. enable user uploads to the www.comic-images.com site (that’s you!)
  3. embed the latest uploads on the front page from www.comic-images
  4. disable uploads on the crappy system
  5. update the upload link to the new system
  6. finally, set the old system to read only with no new comments or uploads to it, putting in a suggestion to visit the new version of the page to leave a comment.

thoughts or suggestions? there’s been a few people uploading stuff on a regular basis, so I’d like to make it easier on you guys and would love your input.

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