Soviet Girl Tied Humiliated Degraded

After a massive protest´s in the Soviet Union and dozen of injured people , Soviet Girl realised she has to react. She finally gave up at mercy of Gil Moon, the North Korea spy agent and superheroine. Gil Moon has a plan. Break the symbol of comunism and completly public humiliation of helpless Soviet Girl.

Poor Misha Zvezda (Soviet Girl´s civil name) ends in the super restrictive bondage restraints just for her. Her military uniform, which she is so proud of, is torn from her body and we can finally enjoy true humiliation of one of the most beautiful and most lethal superheroine in the world! Will Soviet Girl escape from the sadistic, lesbian clutches of Gil Moon and her mad jailers? Or will she ends like a submissive slave bitch, ready to eat pussies at order of her mistress? Find out in our latest comics!


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