Merry Christmas from DBComix

Following her unsuccessful escape attempt, Wonder Girl’s teen body was abused many times with forced orgasms, humiliation and bondage. Together with the others captured superheroines, she slowly got used to her situation. What other choice did she have..?

But Harley Quinn’s fantasies about the perfect asylum were much darker than any of the captured superheroines could imagine. Harley decided she would re-educate each superheroine into becoming perfect sex slaves. She ordered blow job trainers from the Internet and couldn’t wait to show them to the frightened superheroines.
After a successful class, Harley leashed up Power Girl and Wonder Girl and put them into a cute 69, leaving them to eat each other for hours!

Meanwhile Firefly took advantage of the situation, managing to escape from her relatively light bondage. Will Firefly and our lovely superheroines finally escape? Or will this be just another futile escape attempt? Find out in our Christmas comic!

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

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