Soviet Girl 5 Super Cows

Depowered and with her ass and mouth worn from constant abuse, Soviet Girl is incarcerated into the Soviet Union’s most secure prison, her situation so helpless that even her dreams betray her. Things are bad enough as her fearsome North Korean arch-nemesis Gil finds every possible way to torture, torment and humiliate her, invading her orifices, reminding her that she is now no better than a fuck toy. To make things worse, the luscious Doctor Dominika also plans to use Soviet Girl’s body for scientific experiments, milking her breasts to turn the once proud Soviet heroine into a mere milking cow. But if Gil enjoys seeing her nemesis endure this humiliation and abuse, she doesn’t realise that Doctor Dominika has a very special surprise for her as well. Find out what Dominika has planned for her in our very special comic!


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