New Arkham For Superheroines 5

After her own brief bout of captivity, bondage and humiliation, Harley is finally back in charge of the asylum, angrier than ever, with Batgirl as a new unwilling guest for Harley to take out her frustrations on. For all her pride and athletic skill, Batgirl is about to discover the true meaning of being bound and helpless, regretting the embarrassing slip that got her into this mess. But running an asylum proves to be harder than Harley ever imagined, what with the admin work piling up, sticky floors that need cleaning up, and keeping track of those pesky superheroine coming, going, and coming again as they keep naively falling into more kinky traps. And just where the hell did Power Girl go? Luckily for Harvey she has found herself a new sub-assistant to help with both work and pleasure, keeping track of those superheroines and teaching them how to be good little bondage slaves.

Just in time too, as one superheroine also finds herself a sidekick and is on her way to the rescue. And just when you thought the asylum couldn’t get more crowded, here comes Supergirl! Will any of them manage to stop Harley and rescue their friends? Or are they just doomed to fall into yet more tight and rubbery traps? Find out in our comic!

Download (ADULT´S ONLY) here:

Author is Daniel Remo Art

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