Powergirl Mind Controlled

In spite of all the mishaps, escapes and unexpected field trips, Harley’s plans finally come together, as five superheroines now grace her asylum with their unwilling presence. As its newest patient, Supergirl still needs to be properly institutionalised, being made to understand that the embarrassment of her capture is just the beginning of her humiliation. After her escape and pathetic rescue attempt, Power Girl is horrified to be back in bondage, but Harley is taking no chances with her, planning to brainwash her once and for all into an obedient lesbian slave.

As for the rest, Harley decides it is time to pit the girls against each other in a stunning live-streamed tournament, set to destroy their reputations as well as any pride they have left. The fear of losing the tournament is enough to make Wonder Girl very competitive, while the once-mighty Firefly cowers in fear at the thought of punishment. Will anything be left of Power Girl’s mind? Who will win the tournament? Are the superheroines about to be broken for good? Find out in our exciting comic!

DOWNLOAD (ADULT´S ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/index.php/79-bondage-comics/257-new-arkham-for-superheroines-6

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