Domme Got Doomed

After two years in captivity and bondage, kept as a rubber pet by her devious stepmother, Rachel meets Sophia, who is also being help against her will as a rubber kitten by the twisted Ms Riley. As their dommes become friends and are distracted by kinky conversation, Rachel and Sophia finally see an opportunity for escape from their tight latex prisons, as well as the chance for revenge! Turns out their bitchcat and puppyslave suits are also a near perfect fit for their former dommes, who are about experience the kind of bondage and punishment that they usually like to dish out. All that remains for Rachel is to reclaim her home and rescue fellow slaves Linda and Hit-Girl from the sadistic Monica. Will Rachel manage to save Linda from her brainwashed babyslave insanity. Was Hit-Girl ever sane to begin with? And will Rachel’s Mom and Monica accept their new fates as slaves? Find out in our comic!

Download: (ADULTS ONLY) here:

Author: Rcanheta and Linda

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