Soviet Girl vs Ivana Drago

Strapped down naked and powerless, Soviet Girl takes little comfort in seeing her arch-nemesis Gil being captured and made to suffer the same fate. While both superheroines would have gladly given their lives for their beloved communist world, they were not so keen on being turned into milking cows for Doctor Dominika’s wicked experiments. Neither did they count on being this vulnerable in the presence of the horny guards who also want to have their fun, while both superheroines are so completely exposed and helpless. As if things could not get any worse, an old acquaintance from Soviet Girl’s past comes to visit. Years ago Ivana Drago suffered humiliation and defeat from Soviet Girl, and now she returns with vengeance on her mind. She also brings a little surprise between her legs, as years of hormonal therapy means that dildos will not be required for her revenge.
Can things get any worse for Soviet Girl? What will Doctor Dominika do when she discovers Ivana’s plan? And is Gil really stupid enough to think that Ivana will just ignore her young, naked, bound body? Find out in our latest exciting comic!

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here:

Author Mitru and Linda

PS: for those who are reading descriptions, there is secret CODE on this picture. Who will “uncrypt” it as first (and write me at my email correct answer) will receive THIS and 2 more comics (of free choice) for free! 🙂

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