The Young and the Restless

Eva is young, beautiful, shallow, vapid, selfish and entitled. In short, she’s an Instagram star. For Eva, posts and follower numbers take precedence over petty concerns such as the law. Unfortunately for her, the law doesn’t agree. When one of her naked publicity stunts backfires, Eva finds herself sentenced to a new kind of detention center, specially designed to re-educate the ‘young and restless’. Dressed in a rubber prison suit, tightly gagged and renamed as prisoner 912, Eva soon discovers that the center is filled with other social media stars who went too far and are paying the price, with extreme bondage, humiliation and punishments to fit their crimes. It’s only a matter of time before the sadistic prison director finds a suitable punishment for prisoner 912.

How will Eva cope with prison life? How will she survive without her phone? Will her boyfriend come to her rescue? Will she keep trying to talk about herself, even with a rubber gag in her mouth? Find out in our brand new comic!


Authors LDG69, Jan and Linda

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