New Arkham for Superheroines 8 Power Girl’s Crime

Not content with tormenting, degrading and utterly humiliating five superheroines, the tireless Harley Quinn sets out to conquer all superheroines with a new devious plan. But what’s this? She is holding auditions for a superheroine film? Whatever she is planning, the cosplay actors auditioning are about to find out that Harley does not do PG-rated. Meanwhile, trapped in her mind prison, Power Girl finds a new nemesis to milk her, while her puppet body in the real world gets up to some very naughty deeds, not becoming of a superheroine. This all gets the attention of Lena Luthor, who sees her own opportunity to make her own devious plans come true. What is Harley planning? What is Lena planning? And just what does Power Girl do to shock society?

Find out in our exciting comic!


Authors Daniel-Remo-Art and Linda

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