DBComix 4for1 SALE

This is bondage set from our great artist Keely-Key she has great feeling for drawing woman bodies + Cervolex and his unique superheroine art style (we all miss you honey!) I hope you will enjoy reading this set in this hard times 🙂

Contain our 3 adult bondage comics Defend Of the Ancients, Lunagirl and Professor Ivy 1, Lunagirl and Professor Ivy 2 and brand new single pictured comics with Power Girl vs Brainiac, 3×10 pages (full panel) + 10 pages of Power Girl vs Brainiac + 3x cover in 2825 x 4096 pix (4k resolution). Featuring: Lunagirl, superheroine, bondage, mummification, vore, tentacles, depowering, Power Girl…

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/index.php/79-bondage-comics/286-dbcomix-4for1-sale

Authors: Keely-key, Cervolex and Linda

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