Breaking Wonder Woman

Amidst the glittering lights of Las Vegas, Wonder Woman encountered the infamous Catwoman once more, but not as she had ever seen her before. Dressed up as a latex fetish goddess, Catwoman lured the Amazon into a trap, where she was mercilessly bound with her own lasso, stripped, suspended with rough ropes, and penetrated in her ass and cunt. She was subjected to the most cunning sex slave training and forced to act in porn movies. Will her abuse break her will? Will she be turned into nothing but a rubber doll?

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“I know you won’t talk, so I brought something better.” Catwoman said. She walked out of view. A moment later, she returned, bearing something in her hands. Wonder Woman saw that it was her Lasso of Truth. In an instant, she connected the dots. She knew why Catwoman had stolen the lasso. Having failed to torture the information out of Batgirl, she will now use it to extract the information she wanted.

Wonder Woman stood up and launched herself through the skylight. The glass shattered as she smashed through it. She swooped down towards Catwoman, intent on grabbing her around her waist. But her arms gripped thin air, and she flew through what she thought was Catwoman. Confused, she did not stop in time, and flew through Batgirl and the rack as well before smashing into a steel pillar.

“A hologram!” Wonder Woman gasped as she stood up, getting into a combat stance for this was obviously a trap. The next instant, several canisters were flung out of the darkness surrounding her into pool of light where she was. Even with her super fast reflexes, even though she recognised that they were grenades of some sort, she did not react fast enough as they went off with blinding light and sharp bangs. Instantly, she felt giddy as the images she saw froze into a sort of hazy grey and white photo. Amazon combat trained or not, super-strength or not, Wonder Woman’s physiology was still similar to other humans. That meant that she was affected in the same way by the stun grenades. The powerful noise generated by the combined detonation of so many stun grenades overwhelmed her senses, violently disturbing the fluids in her ears, disorienting her.

As the Amazonian princess stood temporarily stunned and blinded by the stun grenades, Catwoman stood out of the shadows. She held Wonder Woman’s lasso in her hand, and with one deft motion, she flung the lasso out to encircle Wonder Woman’s legs. With a tug, she tightened the lasso around Wonder Woman’s ankles. With another tug, she swept the Amazonian warrior off her feet, causing her to fall heavily onto her back.

Catwoman was on top of Wonder Woman in a flash. As the latter lay on the floor, still stunned, she lifted her trapped ankles up and over Wonder Woman’s stomach. At the same time, this caused her ankles to become crossed and spread open her thighs in such a way that Wonder Woman’s crotch was exposed to view. Holding onto the lasso, Catwoman grabbed each of Wonder Woman’s arms and pulled them under the crossed ankles, between her thighs. Moving into a position facing Wonder Woman now, Catwoman rested her knees onto the latter’s thighs, forcing them down further, with her knees on either side of her breasts. She lifted up Wonder Woman’s wrists, and crossed them over the top of her ankles, such that each of Wonder Woman’s arms were hugging her corresponding lower legs. Then, with the lasso, Catwoman bound Wonder Woman’s wrists together by coiling the line several times around the wrists, then turning the direction of the running line to coil it several times across the lines now binding her wrists, before tying the line off with a half hitch where Wonder Woman could not reach with her fingers. The entire process took no longer than a skilled cowboy would take to bind a calf.

By the time Wonder Woman recovered from the effects of the stun grenades, she found that she had been quite effectively bound. She could roll her body from side to side, or twist her body, but the way her wrists were crossed and bound over her crossed ankles meant that she could not unfold her legs. Her crossed wrists trapped her legs in a spread position. Wonder Woman realized that she could not break her own Lasso of Truth, that the glowing coils would hold even her amazing strength. With growing despair, she understood that she was now a prisoner.

“What do you want with me, Catwoman?” Wonder Woman demanded as she struggled futilely. Catwoman remained silent as she used the tip of her booted right foot to lift the bound captive onto her right side. She knelt down behind Wonder Woman, and unclasped the hooks holding Wonder Woman’s belt in place. She pulled the belt off from around her waist, and flung it aside. She then removed Wonder Woman’s tiara and threw it carelessly aside as well.

“Stop that!” Wonder Woman demanded with growing fury and helplessness. Her lasso held her securely and prevented her from doing more. Catwoman ignored her as she pulled the free end of the lasso down from the latter’s crossed wrists down to her stomach. She then pull the free end down the Amazon’s left flank, the one laying against the floor, and pulled the free end out from under the bound woman. She looped the line over Wonder Woman’s right flank, and mated the running portion of the lasso to the portion running down from Wonder Woman’s bound wrists to where it disappeared under her. Catwoman knotted the portions together to form a belt around the Amazon’s trim waist, before feeding the running end between widely her spread thighs. Catwoman pulled the running end down Wonder Woman’s groin, over her crotch.

“What are you doing?” Wonder Woman asked again, her voice an octave higher as Catwoman reached out with a gloved hand, and slipped it into the right leg hole of Wonder Woman’s costume, running it down until it reached her crotch. She pulled aside the crotch piece of her costume to expose her freshly shaven vulva.

Catwoman remained silent as usual, and slipped the line of the lasso between the lips of Wonder Woman’s vulva. She then made a thick knot in the lasso where the line would cross over Wonder Woman’s anus, before she pulled the line over Wonder Woman’s tailbone and feeding the end under the line around Wonder Woman’s waist. Then Catwoman tightened the line viciously, causing the rope belt around Wonder Woman’s waist to constrict over her generous hips, before tying it off with a knot to the rope belt around Wonder Woman’s waist. This caused the line between her vulva lips to tighten over her clitoris under its hood and was driven deeper into her vagina mouth. The knot over her anus now pressed itself hard against her anus, and caused the puckered mouth to spread a little as it pushed its way into her.

“Urrgh!” Wonder Woman moaned as she felt the line tighten in her sensitive nether region.

“Please stop that!” Wonder Woman pleaded as Catwoman continued to work with a resolute silence. The feline now pulled the free line up from Wonder Woman’s waist to a point on her spine, just below her shoulder blades. Catwoman now wrapped the line around Wonder Woman’s torso, once, and then a second time, below and above her large breasts. Catwoman then tied these lines together, tightening them tightly above and below Wonder Woman’s breasts. Again, the Amazon warrior felt the sensation of a sensitive part of her body being bound, this time her breasts.

Catwoman pulled up on the free end of the lasso again. It seemed to lengthen at her will as she pulled the remaining line up Wonder Woman’s back to her neck. Catwoman grabbed the Amazon’s long luscious hair and pulled savagely down, forcing Wonder Woman to tilt her head back. Catwoman now wrapped the line twice around her head, over Wonder Woman’s cheeks and between her jaws, deep into her mouth. Then she tied the line off between her head. Wonder Woman’s head was now tilted back in an uncomfortable angle by the lasso. Not only that, she was now effectively gagged by the rope in her mouth.

“Gaggh! Gggah!” Wonder Woman grunted as she writhed in her bonds. She discovered to her horror that the more she tried to free herself, the more she tried to lift her head to a more comfortable angle, the more the lines of her own lasso would rub her in the most sensitive regions. Her breasts would be kneaded. Her clitoris would be rubbed. The inside of her vagina would be chafed. Her asshole would be stroked.

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