Ponygirls Escape Attempt

After kidnapping ponygirl and rubber maid from Emma´s mansion, Katie decided she will use the slaves for her own ideas. For Monica nothing would chnage, one psycho exchanged for another one, but poor ex-police officer Jennifer would find out the mansion is guarded by a crazy security female who was arrested by Jennifer in past. Now the tables have turned and Jennifer´s ass was finding out how it felt to be permanently in the viewfinder of another domme. But Emma wouldn’t have the last word. She is ready to steal her slaves back and punish Katie for her insolence, but as it happens in our comics, situation changes with each page…

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/index.php/79-bondage-comics/290-derby-3-ponygirl-training

Authors Kachima and Linda

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