Book Five Binds Korra Captured

Asami is held by the girl she thought was her half-sister in heavy bondage. The poor industrialist is kept filling her double diapers and hoping the love of her life, Korra, can find and save her. Finally, after a few weeks in captivity, she is rescued by Korra who is furious about her humiliating situation and both girls are ready to leave this horrible place. Unfortunately, some dreams just don’t come true…

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here:

Authors: WishBERRI (line art), Keely Key (coloring) RED´S ABDL CREATIONS (proof reading/editing), HofBondage (alternative art cover), Linda (The Boss)

XXX Parody, All characters are adult, Korra is 21 in this story. Korra short hair = 21+!!!

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