Slaves Presentation

After overtaking the power from ex domme Claire, new domme (and former maid) Mistress Valleria decides that she will be a much more strict domme than Claire. She wants to break her “ex-friend” and domme. That’s why she decides to sign her to the female sumo wrestling championship, but our old Clair (even if she isn’t skinny) needs to gain few dozen pounds of pure fat for this. This moment comes to the force-feeding scene and together with her slaves, Mistress Valleria manages to prepare Claire as a female sumo wrestling. Valeria has a preference for her male slave John and she gives him plenty of her free time, but she thinks that maybe she had just the trick how to put Claire down… Find out more in our comics!

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here:

Authors: SraSomeone (Cover page), LDG69 (art), Keely-Key (coloring), REDS ABDL CREATIONS (corrections), Linda (author)

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