Soviet Girl 10 New World HC

Soviet Girl´s lover and KGB super-agent Valerya Dvoyn finally caught the prisoner transport heading toward Syberia and on board was the most important prisoner in all of Russia, Soviet Girl. She’s kept in chains and exposed to brutal experiments and torture. Bound tight and kept in a constant cycle of pleasure and pain as her tits are milked and her pussy is stuffed. Valerya gets on the speeding locomotive ready to sacrifice everything to save her love, but Doctor Bearovova doesn’t like stowaways and she has numerous ways how to deal with them. The agent learns this quickly and despite her numerous tricks, she is soon eating the good doctor’s cunt submissively. Valerya may have finally found Soviet Girl, but the situation was only getting worse with each *shluck* of the milking cups…

Download (ADULTS ONLY) here:

Authors: Mitru (art), Reds ABLD Creations (corrections), Linda (author).

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