Jokers Humiliation

Power Girl, Supergirl, Wonder Girl and Batgirl. Each was a powerful superheroine, putting fear into the hearts of their enemies. Unfourtunatly, their new enemy has no heart and no emotion. Once they are all stripped of their superpowers, they are ordinary women just like others. Once they’re all tied up tight and in vulnerable positions they find themselves filled with massive cocks knocking them down a peg. Daily training left their stomachs full of cum and pavlovian training makes even the biggest lesbian crave thick veiny cock. There is NO hope for them to win this fight, not against the tireless machines! Their new roles in life are as either whores, sex slaves or objects. Really anything their new owner wished! Learn all about their new roles in these wonderful bondage comics!


Authors: DanielRemoArt (3D renders), SAGE (corrections), Linda (author)

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