Superheroines Milked

Lunagirl together with a bevy of other superheroines are “enjoying” forced vacation at the dairy farm they’ve been confined to. It’s no worse than the constant fucking they’re subjected to or the painful milking but it does have its drawbacks. Each is fed with milk boosters, hormones, and fat to turn them from powerful super-girls to hard-working cow-girls. Vaccinations aren’t enough though so the girls are subjected to brutal vibrating dildos while their nipples are sucked dry of thick breastmilk. For all of them, it’s a constant cycle of cumming, eating, and mooing. Their new owner really wants them all to be the perfect cows, to see them big and fat to produce multiple liters of super milk each day! However this time we will see their world from the other side. Rebecca is a milkmaid and is working hard to move up in the farm’s hierarchy. It’s too bad the superheroines are not always as cooperative as they should be… Find out what happens in this new comic!


Authors LDG69, Red´s ABDL CREATIONS, Jan and Linda

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT

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