Ty Lee Punished Spanked

As soon as Azula escaped from her tight straitjacket bondage, she wanted to punish Ty Lee, but instead of fire-branding her, she decided on a much more diabolical plan. In her classic cunning style, she put Ty Lee into a straitjacket with the same hood originally used on her, so nobody would notice she had escaped. This meant they would continue punishing Ty Lee and buy Azula time to escape. Of course, as an experienced escape artist Ty Lee required a whole new level of bondage, so Azula uses every technique available to avoid revealing their little secret. Once Ty Lee wakes up, she will discover to her horror that her situation is hopeless and escape is impossible! But maybe not… FIND OUT more in our newest comic!

DOWNLOAD (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/azylum-for-ty-lee-part-two

Authors: Dracowhip (art), Alt Cover (Keely-Key), LOMBOMB (correction), Linda (texts, lettering), Boob2003 (author)

All chracters are ADULT

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