Chloe and Marinette 3 and 4 SALE

Chloe and Marinette Troubles in Art School 3

Chloé’s dreams of becoming a real domme for scared her scared lil sub Marinette quickly became the least of her concern as the first of MANY corrective blows hit her perfectly shaped butt. Our blonde domme suddenly faces Miss Bustier, an obstacle she never thought she’d have to face in her life so far. Her beautiful young body is gradually trapped inside more and more layers of rubber and bondage. It seems that Mistress Bustier is way better domme than Chloé could be… Chloé, for the first time in her life, is scared and learnt to submit to someone much more powerful than her. Will Chloé find a way to escape from her rubber prison or will she become another scared little sub like Marinette? Find in our book!

Chloe & Marinette Troubles in Art School 4

Chloé hadn’t given up her plan of revenge against Miss Bustier, who’d now become her and Marinette’s regular domme. She’s trained them how to be obedient slaves even while they study and sleep! Marinette and Chloé are facing many new feelings and have to compete for their mistress’s attention, something that Chloé would have never normally done. Everything in the meantime is going perfect for Mistress Bustier, but happiness tends to be fickle. Once Chloé´s best friend, personal assistant, and “slave“ found out her friend was restrained in heavy rubber bondage, Chloé escaped and prepare a brand new rubber bondage catsuit for Miss Bustier and Marinette…

Our adult illustrated bondage book contain 113 pages, 47 pictures + 2 covers (+ 2 alternative cover) in 2709 x 4096 pix (4k resolution), 44 613 words. Featuring: rubber, latex, bondage, bdsm, training, lezdom, chastity…


Authors: ThunderingPikachu (Illustrations), Zyla Garthori, Bob2300 and Linda (Texts), REDS ABDL CREATIONS (Corrections)

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT ADULT and ADULT

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