KAT 1,2,3 SALE


This is story of two women, both prodigy´s in their fields, how they met, and how one became the sexual property of the other. Lucy is a student at an English University, a track and field star, already tipped for a gold medal at the next games. Cat is a retired Slaver and Dominant, a prodigy in her field renowned for taking the strongest and most wilful women, and transforming them into broken sex slaves. At thirty she is retired after making an awful lot of money from her depraved occupation, living in a rambling castle and thoroughly bored. When she spies the beautiful young blonde, Cat decides she want´s a new slave, and soon Lucy is ambushed while out running one rainy day.

Now trapped in the castle, subjected to the most demented torments and the cruellest bondage, Lucy must fight to retain her sanity and regain her freedom, but can she hope to overcome Cat, and why does a part of her seems to like it? Will our heroines escape or are they fated to spend the rest of their lives in chains? In an orgy of extreme bondage, lesbian torment and kinky sex they face…the Asylum.


This is story of two women, both prodigy´s in their fields, how they met, and how one became the sexual property of the other. It’s been a few weeks since the veteran slaver Mistress Kat abducted the rising athletics star Lucy Smith and inducted the girl as her newest slave. Already Lucy has been subjected to every cruelty Kat can invent, granted the dizzying high of the slave orgasm and the crushing low of bondage torment.

But Kat is only just getting started and is determined to break Lucy’s will completely and to complete her transformation into the bondage slut that she believes is Lucy’s destiny. Can Lucy resist the torments to come or is her fate as a slave already sealed, and just what is Kat’s final plan for her slave..? Lucy’s story continues in Catch and Trained Part two!


Still in the clutches of the demented mistress Cat, captive athlete Lucy Smith descends deeper into a world of extreme bondage and submission as her cruel training continues… But now Cat has taken a new slave the vile former mistress Cassie who is determined to make Lucy’s life miserable while constantly trying to escape and get her into trouble… Subjected to ever crueller torments, including extreme latex play, anal lesbian sex and extreme sensory deprivation Lucy descends deeper into the hell of slavery and submission…

Our adult illustrated bondage book contain 165 pages, 46 pictures + 3 covers in 2709 x 4096 pix (4k resolution), 51 370 words. Featuring: rubber, latex, bondage, bdsm, training, lezdom, chastity…

DOWNLOAD (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/kat-1-2-3-sale

Authors: ThunderingPikachu (Illustrations), EchoTango and Linda (Texts)

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT ADULT and ADULT

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