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I, Chloé am a supermodel, super smart, and the most favorite super girl at school. Everybody wants to be my friend. I’mas so generous would never refuse anybody, but my schoolmate Marinette is envious of my beauty. She hates me! and keeps trying to steal all my friends and what worse my boyfriend! Marinette shadowed me all over, even at the University of Art in Paris. She wants to play on my nerves and copy all my hard work Even as peaceful and calm I’m in need to confront Marinette, but the fight goes differently than I could have imagined…

I am Marinette and I was lucky enough to gain a scholarship to the Paris Arts University. My hard work and talent come to fruition until I meet my “new” roommate. It was Chloé, my ex-schoolmate, a horrible and selfish person who cared only about herself and nobody else. Chloé hates me and once she found out they are not just sharing not only the same school, but the same room, she started spinning a very complicated plan to get rid of her arch-enemy, me!. Unfortunately, I’m far too trusting and believed Chloé had really changed. I found out pretty quickly that I was wrong but it was way too late…

Chloe & Marinette Troubles in Art School 2

Our story starts where it all ended. In the hot latex bed with heavy rubber bondage. Marinette and her new mistress Chloé, who was excited about all the new ways she had to humiliate her latex pet. What started as diabolical revenge grew into a strange friendship that’d last the girl’s whole lives… too bad a new domme appears to become a real challenge for a cold and calculating Chloé…

Our adult illustrated bondage book contain 124 pages, 58 pictures + 2 covers (+ 1 alternative cover) in 2709 x 4096 pix (4k resolution), 35 358 words. Featuring: rubber, latex, bondage, bdsm, training, lezdom, chastity…

DOWNLOAD (ADULTS ONLY) here: www.dbcomix.com/bondage/comics/chloe-marinette-troubles-in-art-school-1-and-2-sale

Authors: ThunderingPikachu (Illustrations), Zyla Garthori and Linda (Texts), REDS ABDL CREATIONS (Corrections)

XXX Parody, All characters are ADULT ADULT and ADULT

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